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Golf Swing Training -Why players add flexion in the transition

Updated: Mar 20

Why the best players in the world decrease extension or add flexion in the left wrist in the transition is because this helps stop the right arm (generally the player's strong-arm) from over powering the left and causing the club to get steep and in front.

Why? You see at the top of the golf swing your hands produce what is known as a coupling force:

Definition of a coupling force: Couple, in mechanics, pair of equal parallel forces that are opposite in direction.

Example: When the forces caused due to two hands helping to turn a steering wheel this is considered the best example of a couple.

So what does all this mean to you, well in your transition you should be working on bowing your left wrist.

This as mentioned above will create a shallowing of the clubhead so it drops down behind your body. ( Through the right forearm is optimum)

The reason we need it to drop this way is to allow your body to rotate through impact which keeps the clubface stable from this rotation, not the hands.

( see image of Tommy Fleetwood at the top of his swing his extension measurement is 24 degree's. In the next 2 inch's of his transition into the downswing, this number will decrease by 2-4 degree's.)

The downswing happens so fast that the closing of the clubhead has to happen immediately from the top.

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