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What is the ruling?

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

This is an interesting one , for some reason it reminds me of the time my uncle hit the rake in the bunker and the ball went into the hole for a hole in one. Maybe because this one is the opposite scenario and so unlucky.

Ruling is : The ball is not holed, so the player should mark the ball and lift it, remove the loose impediment and then replace the ball. Obviously it will not come to rest where it was, so it has to be place at the nearest spot where it can be placed at rest that is not nearer the hole,

Rule 20-3d. Rule 16-2 does not apply once the ball has been marked and lifted.

( WHAT'S THE RULING? / A twig stops golf ball from falling .... https://aussiegolfer.com.au/whats-ruling-twig-stops-golf-ball-falling-hole/)

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