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What do you see v's what you should see

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

During this blog post, I'd like to interact with you somewhat:

I want to ask you to think about your concepts of how the club got into this position and why, and then think about what you see the club and yourself doing to deliver the ball into impact from here.

You see, the whole point I am looking to make in this post is just how misleading static images of swing positions can be if you don't understand what is really happening.

Many people look at this picture and see references to straight lines; what I'd hope you see is the clubhead behind the player's hands, allowing the body to rotate and move the club outwards towards the ball.

I'd like you to understand that rotation stabilises the clubface through impact, not hitting with the hands and arms.

I'd like you also to see that both forearms are internally rotated, creating the correct flexion in the wrists leading into impact.

What else can you see? If you would like to discuss anything further, contact me.

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