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The principle of the swing

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

An aeroplane is designed to fly a boat is designed to float that is there principle in design.

The principle design of the golf club is shaft lean. To achieve this the lead wrist becomes flatter (less extended) than it starts at address.

This means that because you are starting with a certain amount of extension at address during the swing the lead wrist should lose a certain amount of extension.

On average, pros decrease extension by around 20-25 degrees from top to impact. And it is done immediately from the top of the swing as there is no time in the downswing to muck around.

Whether the lead wrist should be completely flat at impact depends on your grip strength (stronger grips have more lead wrist extension throughout the swing).

Pros do 2 things to control the clubface:

  1. Maintain stable extension from address to top.

  2. Consistently decrease wrist extension before reaching impact.

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