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The difference - iron shot and a bunker shot.

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Here are three differences between an iron shot and a bunker shot.

1. During an iron shot, the pelvis gets higher through impact and the opposite for a bunker shot it lower's.

The left knee remains flexed through impact.

Our pelvis connects our upper and lower body, and it's the vehicle for weight and power transfer throughout the golf swing.

2. The head and chest move laterally towards the target in a bunker shot much more than in an iron shot.

This is needed because the aim point of a bunker shot is further behind the ball and hence if the body doesn't move forward, the energy in the sand won't splash together enough, it will disperse to much, leading your shots to stay in the bunker or even thinning them over the green if you miss the sand altogether.

3. In a bunker shot there is no separation between the upper and lower body turn

In the bunker, we need to be aggressive however, we don't want a sudden burst of speed. Think of your bunker speed as more free-flowing with the upper and lower body turning together.

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