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Side bending and extending

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

The image overlay below is a good example of the type of instruction out there on the market, even from well known acclaimed P.G.A instructors.

You can see from the overlay the professional is teaching a pivot very different to what Sergio does and in fact all the worlds top players do.

I was taught this early on in my career and I ended up in hospital having my neck operated on from doing it, because I did it thousands and thousands of times.

You see the instructor is demonstrating staying in flexion at the top of the backswing which leads to many faults coming into impact.

What sergio has done is extend his spine with left side bend, which is what all the best current players do.

The below image is Snead, Nicklaus, Palmer and miller all side bending and extending, showing it is what all the best golfer's in history all did.

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