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How Long Does It Take To Learn Golf?

Have you ever wondered how long does it take to learn golf? It's confusing right? Like when you go to buy lessons and they are packaged in 5 or 10 x1 hour lesson packs which gets you thinking that after 10 hours you will have learnt golf only to have you feel disappointed on completion. Well look no further here are the fact's of a study done around motor skills which I use to explain to people learning golf from me:

  • To learn the guitar at a basic skill level it takes 300 hours

  • To learn how to juggle at a basic skill level it takes 5 hours

  • To learn the piano at a basic skill level it takes 1000 hours

  • To learn golf at a basic operating skill level it takes 1000 hours.

Now these numbers may differ depending on learning capabilities however it is a very good guide.

Once you understand that say 5 hours of golf a week is 260 hours a year you will be equipped much better to approach your learning with no expectations. No expectations of a quick outcome that is, allowing you to enjoy every part of the learning process and your individual journey to better golf.

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