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Hitting The Golf Ball Straight

Updated: Mar 19

Although there is a lot of talk about distance in the game of golf these days, the ability to keep the ball in play is still fundamental to good golf.

If you are struggling with flipping the club through impact, I would like to bring your awareness and have you start practicing matching your right forearm to the shaft plane through impact.

Then, to get the club sustaining a straight line of compression through the ball, take it a step further and hold pressure point #3 through impact.

Pressure point #3 is keeping the knuckle on your right index finger pressing into the rear of the grip, which senses the direction and flexing of the club shaft.

The number three pressure point is critical to your club's control as it monitors the club head's position and speed. The signals from this point go to your motor cortex, which coordinates the hips, telling them when to begin their forward rotation and how fast they need to rotate so that the swing achieves the proper rhythm.

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