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Golf Swing Training - Grip Checklist

Updated: Mar 20

Here are your left-hand grip guides:

• The club must run diagonally underneath the deep crease in your hand, known as the distal palmer crease. (see picture).

• The shaft get's pressed up under the heel pad of your hand

• Your left thumb sits slightly right of the center

• The main pressure points are the last three fingers of the left hand (PP#2) and the heel pad.

• There should be two knuckles visible on the left hand as you look down.

Right-hand checklist:

• The right-hand grip is more of a fingers grip- think of the size of the golf club it is more like a chopstick than it is a tennis grip, so it goes in the fingers.

• The shaft should sit below the palm.

• The right thumb sits left of the centreline.

• The left thumb sits directly under the lifeline of the right hand.

Once you have formed your grip, look at the diagram below it shows the wrist movements we use during the golf swing. Remember, I said the only thing you need to ensure in building your grip is not stopping your wrists from moving correctly throughout the swing because this will turn off the power.

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