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Golf Swing Training - The Sweet Spot

Updated: Mar 20

Hitting the "sweet spot" is something that all golfers strive for. The location on the clubface

best spot for hitting the ball. It minimizes vibration and results in the maximum energy delivered to the ball, meaning it travels the farthest.

The "sweet spot" is the point on the clubface, which also minimizes stinging of the hands when the ball strikes there. Golfer's say that hitting the ball in this location "feels" the best and results in the most solid hit.

However, manufacturers know that when a golfer hits the sweet spot of the clubface they don't feel anything, and did you know this is why they spend countless hours and millions of dollars testing sounds like golfer's best respond to.

It is the sound the golfer responds to on a perfectly struck shot because when the ball hits the sweet spot on the clubface; there is no feeling.

To test how well you are finding the sweet spot on your clubface, you can place some face tape on the clubface, and it will show you where you are making contact.

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