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Golf Swing Training - It's Go Time

Updated: Mar 20

Often referenced as P5 where the left arm is parallel, the golf club will get all the way down to the ball in .08 seconds from here.

The steps you have taken to get ready to release the club are:

  1. Loaded the club going back

  2. Stored the club coming down

So if you are out of position here, it's too late to fix things, which lends itself to the importance of understanding your swing sequence as much as possible. Anything bio-mechanical has a sequence.

You can see from the photo Tiger has lowered his arms a l lot from the top of his swing relative to his body motion.

A lot of golfer's are taught to leave their arms up from the top and this is completely wrong.

To best practice sequencing the arms and body motion hold a medicine ball at a weight you can handle and swing it side to side, if done correctly from the top of the swing you should be able to easily throw the ball down the target line.

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