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Golf Swing Training - Accepting Or Rejecting?

Updated: Mar 20

With any golf shot, you play there is always an accepting and a rejecting side of the target.

Green: Let's say, for example, you are hitting into the green on the right; where is the best place to miss the shot? You would be correct if you said slightly long and right; this is the accepting part of the green, taking all the hazards out of play.

On the left, hitting into this green, the accepting part of the green is the left side, saving you of any risk of short siding yourself. And that is the plan you never want to short side yourself.

Fairway: On the tee box, you can also work out which side of the fairway is accepting and then tee off on the side of the tee box with the trouble and aim away from it.

With the water all down the left, the accepting side is the right of the middle, so you should tee off on the left side of the tee box and aim there.

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