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Golf Is A Game To Enjoy

If you ever take a step back and look at the game of golf, you realize that it's really just a game and it won't or doesn't define you as a person.

The whole point of golf is to hit the ball into the hole in the lowest strokes. That's it. The challenges in golf are technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Here are examples of typical demands that the game of golf places on you:

· finding the sweet spot on the club head

· producing speed in your golf swing

· hitting the ball straight and the right distance

· maintaining good balance while moving and hitting

· walking 18 holes

· and many more.

When you consider all these challenges, you see that they are both quite demanding and yet interesting. You surely gain confidence and satisfaction by overcoming them.

Some of the lessons golf will teach you are:

  • Approaching learning with fear and doubt almost never results in a positive outcome.

  • You generally over estimate the results you can achieve in the short term and under estimate what you can achieve in the long term.

  • When you work your butt off to become good at something, you gain real confidence.

  • Repetition is the mother of motor skill.

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