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Fundamental Backswing Movements

As with all the great players Cam Smith demonstrates the fundamental backswing movements.

  1. Cameron smith is side bending in the opposite direction to the way he is turning. ( His shoulders are turning in a circle.)

  2. He has gone from flexion at address with his spine into extension at the top of the backswing.

  3. His knees have changed flex.

Below is an example of a major swing fault - turning in flexion or forming a wedge between the upper and the lower body. Being told to stay over it.

This has the hips moving forward in the backswing and the spine angled well away from the target, making controlling the low point very, very , difficult.

This type of instruction can lead to both back and neck injury's.

Some top teacher's teach this way, but who swings this way in the history of golf. This type of instruction will only ruin good golfer's.

Also note the excessively wide stance is to allow for this type of motion.

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