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Excuse Me - Can You Give Me Directions

In life, we have all asked for directions to a place at some time or another.

When we ask, we don't expect a complicated answer, and we usually hear back something like, go down the street and at the roundabout turn right, then at the next lights turn left and go past the school, and you will see it on the left.

So then, in this post, I would like to answer the question, in what directions do we swing the golf club?


  1. We swing the club backward - this will happen automatically as long as you don't let go of the golf club

  2. We swing the club upwards through the gradual hinging of the wrists

  3. We swing the club inwards away from the target line, yet still pointing at the target line


  1. We swing the club downwards

  2. We swing the club outwards

  3. We swing the club forwards

Without a lot more direction than this, you can build a sound golf swing, so give it a go and feel for any movements which go against these directions.

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