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Chipping - The Rule Of 12

The rule of 12 chipping system is a gimmick.

First, the science behind it is wrong. Clubs don't roll out a uniform distance as you progress down the set.

Second, good short game players do two things: they control loft at impact well, and they control low point well. You still have to do both of those things in the "Rule of 12" system, and if you could do those things you wouldn't need the system.

Also its not a putting stroke. If the wrists don't hinge you can't hit down.

For anyone with the chipping horrors I recommend you take a look at the orange whip wedge the result of the collaboration between the developer of the Orange Whip, Jim Heckenberg and world-renowned short game expert Stan Utley.

The Wedge will teach you to swing the head instead of pulling the handle at the ball.

The wedge combines the Orange Whip counterweighted flexible shaft system with a Stan Utley inspired wedge head to help you maximize your short game around the greens and lower your scores.

Click HERE Now to learn more about the orange whip.

  • Trains solid contact for improved distance and accuracy

  • Develops sequencing of body, arms and club head release

  • Enhances creativity and feel for shots around the green

  • Helps you understand how to conquer the yips

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