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Online Golf Training

Easy Step-by-Step Golf Training Online.

All you need to do is film your swing on your mobile from the front and back,  upload it and send it to www.golsbygolf@hotmail.com">www.golsbygolf@hotmail.com.

How to video your swing and send.

1. Take a short video from directly in front of you allowing a little extra space at the top of the screen for the club at the top of the backswing.

Preferably use an iron like a 7 iron rather than a wood as it's easier for me to see exactly what's happening with the clubface with an iron. 

2. Now video the down the line move. For this shot make sure you stand in a line extending straight back from a point halfway between the toes of the player and the ball.

3. Keep each video short and email the front and behind videos in two separate email attachments to keep the files small for sending. (Less than 25MB)